BCon – Hispacon

BCon (for Barcelona Con) is the name of the 2016 Spanish national convention Hispacon happening alongside the Eurocon. Most English speakers will pronounce this Beacon, as in lighthouse. Spanish speakers will tend to pronounce it bacon, as in breakfast or on pizzas.

For complete clarity, the Barcelona Eurocon happens on Friday 4, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November 2016, as our website says. We will have a Welcome Party in the convention hotel starting around 6.00 pm on Thursday 3 November, where people can register early. We will probably have a Dead Dog Party at the Moritz Brewery on Monday 7 November. The hotel’s pdf gives the dates of the convention as 4 to 7 November because the 7th is check-out day, unless you wish to stay longer in Barcelona.
Also, bear in mind that Gigamesh bookstore will be organising activities, probably in the evening, starting on Monday 31 October.