Who are we?

Pep Burillo (Chair)

Mathematician, professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, organiser of the Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory, and co-organizer of the annual Calçotada Friki where fans feast on giant barbecued spring onions.

 Ian Watson

Ian Watson

SF author, co-organiser of five NewCon SF conventions in Northampton, UK, assistant with the Celsius232 festival.

Miquel Codony

Co-organiser of the HispaCon 2014-MIRcon, ex-community manager at Literatura Fantástica RBA, blogger at La Biblioteca de Ilium and El Fantascopio, podcaster at Los VerdHugos and videopodcaster at The Spoiler Club.

Sergi Viciana

Sergi Viciana is a literary theoric and zombies expert – he has actually given some conferences about this last subject, and also a few monologues. He has been a collaborator for Barcelona Review and Pliego suelto, and he’s currently a writer for Fantifica.com.

Sara Martín Alegre

Senior lecturer in English Literature and Cultural Studies (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). As teacher and researcher, Sara Martín is contributing to enhancing the presence of gothic, fantasy and SF in Spanish academia.

Alberto Granda

With a Master’s degree in digital publishing, he’s responsible for the catalogue of the digital platform LEKTU and is in charge of liaison between Gigamesh bookshop and Gigamesh the publisher.  He lives in a 6th floor flat without a lift, and his home has a rocket in it.

Sophie Belmont

Text editor and designer. Member of BCN Cosplay. In her free time she takes pictures to her dinosaurs, costume herself of her scifi, horror and fantasy favourite characters and explore abandoned places.

Virginia de la Fuente

Audiovisual translator, localizer and publisher’s reader. She is interpreter and part of the staff at Celsius 232 SFF Festival in Avilés, since 2014. She also has a BookTube channel. One of her hobbies is to bake geek treats.

Blanca Rodríguez

Blanca Rodríguez studied Translation and Interpretation at the University of Vigo. She deserted technical translation just before going completely nuts and embraced literary translation. She’s poorer and much happier now. She writes fantastic adventures for children, calls herself a geek and a proud browncoat. She’ll pester you with feminism non-stop.

Ana M. Tarroja-Marco

Graduate in Geography and History and amateur political scientist. Academic manager at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Confessed geek since a film entitled Star Wars was released back in 1977.

Alejo Cuervo

Owner of Gigamesh publishing company and bookshop, Barcelona, and majority owner of the innovative LEKTU digital platform.

Ana Díaz Eiriz

Ana Díaz Eiriz

Event assistant at Gijón Tourism and Convention Bureau for a few years, participant in the organisation of the Semana Negra festival for another few years, and of the annual Celsius232 SFF festival in Avilés.

Raquel Lozano Álvarez

Co-organiser of Hispacon 2014 / MIRcon, graduate in Audiovisual Communication, director and presenter of the radio-podcast “The Flight of the Phoenix”, TV series addict and X Files devotee.

Hugo Camacho

Graduate in English Philology, and editor at Orciny Press.  He writes, translates, and is a member of the editorial board of the magazine Catarsi of the Catalan SF & Fantasy Society (SCCFF).  Coorganiser of the CFFTE and of Mircat 2014 within the MirCon-Hispacon 2014.

Jordi Salazar

Spaniard telecommunications non practicer engineer. Occasional contributor to “Flight of the Phoenix”, a radio pod-cast . Recently joined to Urânik, were having fun  promoting culture in Montcada i Reixac. Unredeemed & culturally disperse fan of literature, comics, movies, series, music, games and other less worthy vices.

Sofía Rhei

Sofía Rhei (Madrid, 1978) is a writer and poet. Her works include retellings of legends, kids’ and YA fantasy and humour, and poetry books about science and its borders. Her science fiction short stories have been published in Presencia Humana, Terra Nova, Alucinadas, Retrofuturismos, Supersonic, and others. Her first novel, with Minotauro, is entitled Róndola.

Julia Lecuona

Occasional CCO, event organiser and interpreter. Full time translator, including nights, weekends and bank holidays.
Lives surrounded by books, graphic novels, music, video games, kitchen appliances and cat hair.
On her spare time she uploads foodporn and landscapes to Instagram. 

Cristina Macía

Cristina Macía

Translator of Game of Thrones, co-organiser of the Semana Negra festival for many years, co-organiser of the annual Celsius 232 SFF festival in Avilés.

Ismael Ávalos Pérez

Co-organiser of Hispacon 2014 / MIRcon, co-director of the course on Tolkien & Literature of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Barcelona, Cultural Director, scriptwriter and production director of “The Flight of the Phoenix” (Radio Montcada), RPG devotee, games are his diet.

Susana Vallejo

As a writer, she is the author of twelve novels and many short stories. She won the Edebé prize in the Youth Literature category and she has been twice the finalist for the Premio Minotauro. She’s also a communication expert and has always been connected to the Spanish sci-fi fandom.

David Alcoy

Degrees in Geography and History and Information and Documentation. Librarian at the Barcelona Library Consortium. Regular collaborator as a documentalist for  La Campana publishing house and Gigamesh.

Marta Belmonte

Marta Belmonte is a trends researcher, founder of the agency Advanced Research Entropy.  Science Fiction is a tool commonly used in their research.  Organiser of the 2002 Barcelona Hispacon.  In her spare time she likes to analyse the Alien saga and watch videos of kittens.

Jana Baró

English Studies graduate with a Master’s degree on Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities, specializing in Gender Studies. She likes fantasy in all its forms and shapes, ballet, making playlists for fictional characters, sharing historical fun facts on social media, space disco and fandom as both focus of study and lifestyle.

Twitter: @soullessjay

Humberto Revilla

Co-Organizer of Hispacon at Barcelona in 2002.

Enthusiast of RPGs, board games, card games. He even buys games just to read the instructions. Single, good catch.

Mabel Valmorisco

Mabel Valmorisco is theorist of literature focused on invention of possible worlds, literary agent and role player. Sometimes she gives conferences, sometimes she promotes authors, but most of the time she kills monsters with her dices.