Eurocon 2016 needs you! Do you want to make this convention YOUR convention? There are plenty of things you can do! Pass the microphone around the audience during a round table, control access to a room, accompany a guest to an interview, help with the distribution of credentials, help people with mobility problems… Great little details that will make this a memorable Eurocon.

* Essential: already be a member of Eurocon and speak one of the three languages ​​of the Convention (Catalan, Spanish or English).

* Send a message to volunteers@eurocon2016.org with your name, membership number (look it up in the membership list) and languages ​​you speak. Tell us if you have any preference or skill (computer specialist, electronics expert, origami? Tell us!), and how many hours you can work.

* Can you work six hours or more? Tell us which T-shirt you want before October 16! http://www.eurocon2016.org/es/eurocon-t-shirts/ For those who can only volunteer for fewer hours, there will be a reward too, obviously.