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Just in time for our Eurocon, the Guardian newspaper (16 October 2016) has published a long, lively guide to Barcelona’s best bookshops, entitled “A bookworm’s tour of Barcelona’s librerías”, kicking off at—guess where?—Gigamesh… even though the article is about bookshops of all kinds… and taking in the CCCB’s own bookshop with special mention of Ramon Llull (see Progress Report 5).  We did not bribe the Guardian to co-ordinate with our Eurocon, honest!


The Programme will be in the paper “Read Me” booklet, and you can also download the Grenadine app for your iPhones in IOS or Android.



code: bcon2016

It will have the latest updates on the programme!

Signature Day at Gigamesh

During the Eurocon Gigamesh will be streaming the main panels and talks of the convention live in their meeting room (at the back of the shop) and invite you to a glass of Cava!

2 November – Wednesday, 6.30pm to 8.00 pm: Andrzej Sapkowski signing.
3 November – Thursday, 6.00pm to 8.00 pm: Brandon Sanderson signing.
4 November – Friday, 19:00: Signings by Concha Perea, Cristina Jurado, Guillem López, Susana Vallejo, Ángel Luis Sucasas, Aranzazu Serrano, Sofía Rhei, Marc Pastor, Félix J. Palma and Karin Tidbeck
5 November – Saturday, 18:30: Signings by Adam Roberts, Lisa Tuttle, Emilio Bueso, Richard Morgan, Elio Garcia & Linda Antonsson, Ian Watson, Johanna Sinisalo, Aliette de Bodard and Enrique Corominas
6 November – Sunday, 13:00h: Signings by Iria G. Parente, Selene M. Pascual and Gemma Bonnín
7 November – Monday,18:30h. Charlie Stross, Ian Whates

During the Eurocon itself, there will be other signing activities at Gigamesh Bookstore. You will get information at their own stand in the Eurocon dealers room; also follow their Twitter @GigameshTienda

SIM cards

Because us geeks will probably overwhelm the WiFi at CCCB, you might consider buying a prepaid SIM card for your connectivity needs.  You will need to have your Passport or your Spanish ID card with you, and of course your phone or tablet cannot be locked to a provider.  The SIMS activate right away and expire in 6 months if you don’t reactivate.

Vodafone (We recommend the shop in Carrer Pelai, 48)

  • 10€ 1GB
  • 15€ 1.5 GB
  • 20€ 2GB

Monday to Saturday:10:00-21:00

Orange (We recommend the shop in Carrer Pelai, 50)

  • 10€ 1GB
  • 15€ 2GB

Monday to Saturday:10:00-21:00

Carrer Pelai is the same street where Hotel Catalonia Ramblas is. “Carrer” in Catalan = “Calle” in Spanish = “Street”, symbolised by C/

George Orwell Walking Tour

This will now start from inside the entrance of Hotel Catalonia Ramblas on Saturday at 10.15 a.m.  (Same time, but less distance to walk!)

Party Update

SuperSonic magazine—which has both English and Spanish content—will host a party at Glups, next to Norma Comics at Passeig Sant Joan, 9 (on the corner with Carrer Ali-Bei not far past Gigamesh), on Friday 4th starting at 20.30.

Also on Friday, Aristas Martínez Ediciones (the wonderful designers of our Souvenir Book) will host a presentation of Alberto Torres Blandina’s Contra los lobos in the Librería Laie of CCCB (19.00-20.00) followed by a Party (20.00-1.00) in the CCCB cafeteria, featuring a presentation of El barbero y el Superhombre from the Juan de Madre collective, readings of Challenger by Guillem López and Los Difuntos by Jorge Carrión, then screenings by Riot Über Alles and Cisco Bellabestia, with DJ Vanity Dust and more music and performances.

Eurocon Awards 2016 shortlists

Hall of Fame
Best Author: Adam Roberts (UK), Cristina Fernández Cubas (Spain), Jean-Claude Dunyach (France), Gheorghe Sasarman (Romania), Lyubomir Nikolov-Narvi (Bulgaria), Svyatoslav Loginov (Russia), João Barreiros (Portugal), Tom Croshill (Latvia), Dave Hutchinson (UK), Andreas Gruber (Austria), Aleksandar Žiljak (Croatia), John Connolly (Ireland), Johanna Sinisalo (Finland), Dario Tonani (Italy).
Best Artist: Igor Baranko (Ukraine), Enrique Corominas (Spain), Lothar Bauer (Germany), Stephan Martinière (France), Ardian Chifu (Romania), Peter Stanimirov (Bulgaria), Alex Andreev (Russia), Esad T. Ribić (Croatia), Will Simpson (Ireland), Ninni Aalto (Finland), Paolo Barbieri (Italy).
Best Magazine: XB-1 (Czech Republic), Hélice (Spain), Bang (Portugal), Bifrost (France), FEP (Bulgaria), Milky Way (Israel, in Russian), Sirius B (Croatia), Fantasy & Science Fiction (Italy).
Best Publisher: KSD (Ukraine), Nova/Ediciones B (Spain), Michael Haitel (Germany), L’Atalante (France), Tracus Arte (Romania), The Human LIbrary (Bulgaria), Cheeky Frawg Books (USA), Septime Verlag/Jürgen Schütz (Austria), Hangar 7 (Croatia), Coimicí Gael (Ireland), Delos Digital (Italy).
Best Promoter: Yuri Shevela (Ukraine), Mariano Villareal (Spain), Thomas LeBlanc (Germany), Sérgio Santos (Portugal), Michael Haulică (Romania), Grigor Gatchev (Bulgaria), Organisers of Archipelacon (Finland & Sweden), Jean-Luc Rivera (France), Davor Šišović (Croatia), James Bacon (Ireland), Toni Jerrman (Finland), Roberto Quaglia (Italy).
Best Translator: Sergii Legeza (Ukraine), Pilar Ramírez Tello (Spain), Bernhard Kempen (Germany), Patrick Marcel (France), Ona Frantz (Romania), Svetlana Komogorova-Komata (Bulgaria), Andrew Bromfield (UK), Igor
Rendić (Croatia), Annarita Guarnieri (Italy).

Much more information about these nominees, as well as about the Spirit of DedicationAward and the Encouragement Award nominees are here.

Voting is by national delegates at the 2nd ESFS Business Meeting.

Barcelona Tales

Launching on the Friday afternoon of the convention is an anthology of a dozen English language stories specially commissioned by NewCon Press (UK) to commemorate the Barcelona Eurocon (plus one classic reprint), featuring top Spanish SF and fantasy authors as well as some authors more familiar to readers in Anglosaxonia. There may be wine, there may not be wine—but the brilliant book will be there to buy and, if you can’t quite decide, the authors will read out short bits from it (not long bits).

See lovely photos at Facebook.

Eurocon Passport

We suggest you carry your Eurocon Passport around with you, just in case you find “consulates” elsewhere in Barcelona, which can stamp your passport.  Such as at Gigamesh, for instance; though no promises.

Strange Horizons Special Spanish SF Edition in English

After a successful fund drive, which raised $20,000, Strange Horizons, the free weekly online magazine——will publish a special Spanish SF edition on October 31st 2016.  Below are the contents, which may be joined by something on Catalan SF if this arrives in time.

“Esmeralda” by Tamara Romero (translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel)
“Gracia” by Susana Vallejo (translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel)

Sonia Camacho

“Supernatural Tongue” by Estibaliz Espinosa (translated from Galician
by Lawrence Schimel)
“Short Poetic Saga” by Antonio Rivero Taravillo (translated from
Spanish by Lawrence Schimel)
“Microtherapy” by Sofia Rhei (translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel)

Ricard Ruiz Garzón and Elia Barcelo in conversation (translated from
Spanish by Lawrence Schimel)

Spanish Women of Wonder and Castles in Spain reviewed by Arrate Hidalgo
Monteverde by Lola Robles reviewed by Phoebe Salzman-Cohen
Automata, reviewed by Jonathan McCalmont.

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