Eurocon Barcelona Progress Report #5

Welcome to our Progress Report 5.  We may (or may not) send a short final-final PR later this month, but otherwise: looking forward to seeing you all in Barcelona!

Stop Press

We’re delighted to announce that we are now officially in collaboration with the European Space Agency! The ESA is lending us a discarded re-entered piece of the Hubble Space Telescope to display during Eurocon. Two astrophysicists who work for the ESA will give a talk about their work.  And the ESA will share our announcements on its social networks.
Needless to say we are over the moon… oh wait, Hubble is in Earth orbit, not lunar orbit.

Membership List

Please go to the Membership List on our website to check that your names are written correctly.  And will anyone who bought multiple memberships using the same name please email as soon as possible with the real names (or badge names) of the other member or members so that we can prepare accurate badges.

Registering on Arrival:

On Thursday evening 3 November from 6.00 pm our Registration Desk is open in the convention hotel, Hotel Catalonia Ramblas, Carrer de Pelai, 28 (just beside Plaça de Catalunya where the bus from the airport arrives).  Our aim is to welcome members arriving on the rooftop terrace with bar, and socialise.  In case of rain, or the unexpected, we will all meet up in the hotel’s bar-hall downstairs.
At Registration simply state your Membership Number.  You will asked your e-mail address as a confirmation.  After you receive your bag, check that your badge has the correct badge name.
On Friday 4 November Registration is open in the CCCB itself (Carrer de Montalegre, 5) from 9.00 a.m.  On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6, from 10.00 a.m.

The value of the Eurocon publications will equal or exceed the membership fee, and the publications are not weightless, therefore any member who cannot come to Barcelona but who wishes to receive the publications should email us before the Eurocon (not after) to enquire about sending the publications at the member’s own expense.
If you are coming with a kid, make sure to get the Activity Book (entitled “BCON EUROCON 2016 Junior“) at the Registration Desk.

Read Me

The “Read Me” in your Welcome Bag will contain at the beginning a list of everything that ought to be in the bag.  The middle of the “Read Me” contains the full programme followed by grids of where and when.  At the back are simple maps of the venue and the surrounding area, including how to get from the CCCB as far as Gigamesh bookstore. (Anyone planning a walk to Gigamesh, normally open Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.30, during the day should use a larger scale map so as to pass by the beautiful Palace of Catalan Music—see PR #1—and take a look at historic Els Quatre Gats—see PR #2—if you’re interested.)

Bars within CCCB

The Dealers Room will have a bar.  Another bar is in the CCCB cafeteria (which also serves meals and snacks).

Small Presses Conference

The Small Press Meeting is intended for publishers with at least one title in their catalogues translated into the home language of the publishers.  Also free to participate: frequent translators, advisers, and authors for a small press authorised by the owners to represent them.  Contact:

Taller de creación de mundos fantásticos (Sábado 15.00 Hotel 1 + 2)
Fantasy Worldbuilding Workshop (Spanish only)

El taller de creación de mundos fantásticos, que se impartirá en castellano, consiste en un repaso a los diferentes elementos espaciales, temporales y culturales que es conveniente tener en cuenta a la hora de crear una ambientación no realista. Está destinado a escritores, guionistas, artistas de cómic e incluso directores de arte, para asistir es necesario reservar plaza escribiendo a Sofía Rhei: Hay plazas limitadas.

Shipping Service

Gigamesh Bookshop offers an Economic International Shipping Service for any books or other things which you buy in the shop, if you want to things home by the cheapest method.

CCCB Special Activities:

Open to the public, all at 6.30 p.m., featuring Albert Sánchez Piñol, Brandon Sanderson, and Rhianna Pratchett on successive evenings—tickets will cost 3 Euros.

Featured Bar/Café

La Llibertària, Carrer Tallers, 48.  (Probably open daily 09.00 am to 01.00 am the morning after.)

La Llibertària (“The Libertarian”) bar/café is very close to the convention, in the next street seawards parallel to Carrer de Pelai (where our convention hotel has its front entrance).  It’s a veritable museum or art gallery of revolutionary posters and memorabilia from the years running up to the Spanish Civil War.  Although established as recently as 2014, The Libertarian is itself a revolutionary statement.  The owner, Sergio Gil, is a history and anthropology graduate who sourced his exhibits with a libertarian historian’s eye. The description of his bar in Time Out Barcelona in English merely says this:

“What makes this quaint brewery and tapas bar peculiar is that it doubles as a small museum of anarchist Barcelona of the 1930s and 1940s. Original posters, vintage photographs, newspapers and paintings adorn the walls. As you might imagine, there aren’t many right-wingers among the clientele. The tapas are highly recommended, and the ‘bombas’ (breaded ball of potato with meat inside and a spicy sauce) are excellent.”

But in Spanish there is almost a political manifesto…

The Libertarian bar would be an ideal place to return to after the George Orwell Walking Tour, except that the tour guide loves a pub/café in the Plaça Reial; but the guide could be bribed.

Recommended Restaurant very near to CCCB

Silenus, C/dels Angels, 8.  (Monday to Saturday, 09.30 to 1 hour after midnight; closed Sunday).

“Mediterranean and creativity cuisine with local products.”  Daily Menu 14.00 Euros; Night Menu 18.00 Euros.
“The Silenus Restaurant was born in 1997 in parallel with the establishment of Galeria Xina ArtGallery, by Andrés Cobo and a group of leading painters from Barcelona. A gallery run by artists is around the restaurant. Therefore since the beginning Silenus is also a meeting place for artists and art lovers.”

Exciting Exhibition in the CCCB

During the Barcelona Eurocon there’s a wide-ranging exhibition in the CCCB’s own Sala de exposiciones which might interest our members: La Máquina de pensar: Ramon Llull y el “arts combinatoria” (“The Machine for Thinking: Raymond Lully and the Combinatory Art”).  2016 is the 700th anniversary of the death of Llull—former troubadour and ladies’ man, then a religious mystic, a “Renaissance Man” before the Renaissance, who arguably wrote the first European novel, Blanquerna (in Catalan), and whose geometrical figures as well as symbols algebraically representing concepts inspired Leibniz in developing calculus, as well as anticipating modern computation theory and information science—not bad for the 13th Century (and a bit of the 14th)!
As regards SFF, Harry Harrison, Gordon Dickson, and Neil Gaiman mention Llull in passing, but the Mathematical Mystic from Mallorca features most prominently and vividly in Spanish author Juan Miguel Aguilera’s La locura de Dios (The Madness of God, 1998) where Llull plausibly visits the Orient—as well as partially in Ian Watson’s SF/Horror novel The Fire Worm (1988) where a ‘pseudo-Lully’ performs alchemy in the north of England.
The exhibition is open from 11.00 to 20.00, Mon to Sun, admission 6 Euros (or 4, reduced) with an audioguide for smartphones available for 1 Euro (earphones included) in English, French, German, Spanish, or Catalan. Should be worth a visit during Eurocon since it’s in the same building!


SuperSonic magazine—which has both English and Spanish content—will host a party at Glups, next to Norma Comics at Passeig Sant Joan, 9 (on the corner), on Friday 4th starting at 20.30. If walking from Gigamesh (in Carrer de Bailén) turn left out of the shop, then left onto Ronda Sant Pere, and continue on the same side of the street for about 300 metres till you reach Glups—the magnificent Arc de Triomph will be just over to your right. You buy your own drinks but there will be plenty of friendly fannish company.

Hispacon Dinner and Ignotus and Ictineu Award Ceremony

As is traditional during Hispacon, on Saturday November 5 at 21.00 there will be a dinner with the Ignotus and Ictineu Awards Ceremony, organized by the Spanish Association of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror (AEFCFT), and the Catalan Society of Sci-Fi and Fantasy (SCCFF). The Ignotus Awards are organized by the AEFCFT and the Ictineu Awards (for works in Catalan language) are organized by the SCCFF. At the end of the dinner, the award ceremonies will be held, honoring the best works published in 2015.

Note that this dinner is for Spanish (Ignotus) and Catalan (Ictineu) Awards only. The European ESFS Awards will be announced during the Closing Ceremony on Sunday. But everybody is welcome, no matter what they speak at home, of course!

The dinner will be held at the Hotel Catalonia Ramblas (Pelai, 28), with a 35-euro fixed menu, which will be announced in due time. There will be vegetarian / vegan options as well as options suitable for food intolerances (gluten, lactose).

For registration, please send an email to the address However, enrollment will not be confirmed until we receive the payment of 35 euros, by one of the following two ways:

  1. By wire transfer to the account with IBAN ES58 1491 0001 2321 8607 3025, under the name Societat Catalana de Ciència-Ficció i Fantasia. Make sure that the transfer specifies your name, or else we will not be able to formalize your inscription. We expect lots of people, so please make our work easier.
  2. By PayPal to the same email address, If you are paying with the “Send money to family and friends” option, from your account balance or a bank account, there is no PayPal fee, whereas if you pay by card there will be. If a fee is charged, please make sure the fee is charged to you and not to us. Notice that we have to forward this payment to the hotel, so we need the full amount. Any PayPal payment which arrives with less than 35 euros will be returned.

Those with dietary restrictions should indicate them in the registration mail. We recommend that people with special requests register as soon as possible, since the hotel asks us an approximate number of participants in each type to decide the menu.

The hotel needs to know in advance how many people will attend the dinner, therefore please register by Sunday 23 October.

For Football Fans

If you are coming to BCon and you are a bit of a football fan, you will undoubtedly be fascinated by any activities related to Football Club Barcelona. Alas, on Tuesday 1 November and on the Eurocon weekend of 6 November, the team will be playing away from Barcelona, so if you are interested in watching a match live, you will have to come a few days early for the match with Granada on Saturday 29 October at 8.45 PM. But fear not, you can always attend the “Camp Nou Experience”, which includes a tour of the famed stadium and a visit to the Barça Museum, where you can find the five Champions League cups won by Barça and a huge amount of memorabilia from years past. Open daily, 10:00 to 18:30, general tickets 23 euro, kids and seniors 18 euro, located under the stadium stands. Check possible schedule changes on match days.

If you are a big “La Liga” fan, the other team in the city plays home on the BCon weekend. The match is Espanyol-Athletic Bilbao on Sunday 6 November at 4.15 PM. But surely this would make you miss some wonderful BCon activities, so we do not recommend you go.

SPECIAL ITEM at Ateneu (Carrer de la Canuda, 6)

Cultural events, lectures, films, debates & concerts happen in this 18th-century palace, which also houses a library.

Thursday 3rd 12.30 – 14.00: On Stanislaw Lem (in English and Catalan, with translation)
with Andrzej Sapkowski, Salvador Bayarri, Juanma Santiago, Enrique Redel (from Impedimenta publishers) and Antoni Munné-Jordà (SCCFF)

Events at Bookshops:

Gigamesh Bookshop (Carrer de Bailèn, 8)

Wednesday, 5.30pm to 8.00 pm: Andrzej Sapkowski signing.
Thursday, 5.30pm to 8.00 pm: Brandon Sanderson signing.

During the Eurocon itself, there will be other signing activities at Gigamesh.

Chronos bookshop (Libreria Chronos, Carrer de Roger de Flor, 237, quite close to La Sagrada Familia):

Thursday 3rd:
17:30h: Presentation of AZUL with Begoña Pérez Ruiz
19:00h: Presentation of LABERINTO TENNEN (Ed. El Transbordador) with David Luna and Pilar Márquez.

Friday 4th:
17:30h: Presentation of MIND THE GAP with Nacho Iribarnegaray (Vanfunfun)
19:00h: Presentation of CUENTAS PENDIENTES with Sergi Álvarez and Sagar Fornies

Saturday 5th:
17:30h: Aliette de Boddard and Silvia Schettin
19:00h: Presentation of LA CARNE NO ESTÁ EN VENTA: APOCALIPSIS with Ricard Millàs

And at 7 Libraries:
(not in English)

31 October 19:00, Biblioteca Jaume Fuster: Ciudad revientacráneos, de Jeremy Robert Johnson  (Orciny Press)

31 October 19:00, Biblioteca Sant Gervasi: Pétalos de acero, de J.A. Bonilla; Malsons de gat, de Kutuzov, Oset y Muñiz (Hermene Naute)

2 November 19:00, Biblioteca Sant Antoni: Visiones de lo fantástico en la cultura española (1979-2012), del Grup de estudis sobre el fantàstic de la Universitat Autònoma (EDA Libros)

3 November 19:00, Biblioteca El Clot: Varney el vampiro, de J.M. Rymer (Pulpture ediciones)

3 November 19:00, Biblioteca Xavier Benguerel: El sumergible, de Joseph Remesar (Delorean)

4 November, 19:00, Biblioteca Vila de Gracia: Visiones 2016, VVAA (AEFCFT)

4 November 19:00, Biblioteca Montbau: Vienen a por ti, de M. Junquera; Sherlock Holmes y las sombras de Whitechapel, de C. Moreno; Malditas bastardas, VVAA (Cazador de Ratas)

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